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Bild: © Trueffelpix -


If you reduce the word "marketing" to its essentials, only one thing remains: market. 

And that's what it's about. How do your messages reach their target group, and what channels do you use as a company to disseminate your messages effectively?

A modern marketing mix comprises the development and realization of strategies for advertising, communication, design and a target-group oriented approach, including today's communication possibilities.

I am a general-services provider, whose expertise is in marketing and communications, and I shall be glad to advise you. From conception to realization, I can assure you of a very individualized service, entirely tailored to your needs.

Let's work together to find and develop the right format and design!



"You cannot not communicate."
(Paul Watzlawick)

Bild:   © Trueffelpix -

Bild: © Trueffelpix -


Communication has an endless number of shapes and sizes.

As a company, you will be communicating daily on a wide range of levels: internally with your staff, externally with your customers, in personal sales interviews or via the internet, traditionally by mail or print advertising, 
on the telephone or on a website, and also via social media.

Through every encounter your customers will be given the opportunity to perceive a small part of your company.

I have no doubt that strategic communication creates enormous added value, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. The positive impact of targeted communication not only improves the image, but also strengthens brand loyalty.