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Effective Communications Consulting
We want to promote your business.

Small businesses with an eye on becoming international businesses can benefit, in particular, from my experience in marketing and communication. As a client, you have a high level of expertise with regard to your products and processes. I am an experienced communication expert in a number of fields:  the environment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food. My many years' experience in a respected position enabled me to build up a network of professional partners who can assist you in conveying your expertise to your customers in an easy and sustainable way.

Last but not least, as a consultant in marketing and communications, I enjoy turning creative ideas into reality and promoting your business.


Messages for Target Groups
Communication does not just happen.

The task of corporate communication is to produce messages for target groups. We all communicate constantly: as sender, as receiver, as observer. Nevertheless, many advertising messages will miss their target and their target groups.

Use my assistance to create your messages. Find what your customers really want to know about you. As a "sparring partner" my clients value the support which strengthens them, or alters the course they have adopted, without ever losing sight of their personal business style.

I will be glad to assist and motivate you, while working with you, to find the right solutions.

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Differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Many manufacturers of involved or complex products find it hard to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In order for you to do it properly, I shall be glad to work with you in drawing up a positioning strategy.

Print Media
A professional showcase at all times.

You will communicate your message, ideally, in accordance with your corporate design. We shall be glad to design your print products, flyers, logos, brochures, advertisements and posters for you. My close collaboration with printing companies will produce a professional quality result, which will please you greatly.

What should your internet site look like?

Our internet sites are created in collaboration with network partners who meet your personal requirements; from a small internet site to complex webshops.


Press and Public Relations
Strengthening your image – world-wide.

Communication doesn't just happen. Everything you say and show the public is important. I am aware of the work it takes in order for your message to be conveyed in a clear and unambiguous manner.

The M-GO communications network includes experienced and creative communication specialists who have good contacts with relevant European trade media. We are well aware of the importance of the professionalism necessary to handle your message sensitively. 

We shall be glad to help you in developing communication strategies for your press and public relations work.

I look forward to hearing from you.